Simon Cabaret Show

Price: from THB (Thai Baht)
฿ 800
per pax

Simon Cabaret Show

   Phuket Simon Cabaret offers a night of diversion which is able to create a lasting memory of the magic of Phuket.
      In Europe and America, the tradition of men dressed as ladies for theatre roles dates back 5 hundred years once it had been not allowable for a respectable lady to be seen on the stage.
      During war II, many of the nice English pantomimes featured men dressed as ladies as there were no ladies on the frontlines where the shows took place.
      However, in Thailand, because of the considerable tolerance of the culture, the theatrical performances of men dressed as ladies has always been accepted and a great range of males who feel additional natural as females, realize a career as cabaret performers.
     n the fun at Simon Cabaret wherever the lavish sets and good costumes will amaze you. Performers lip-sync songs popular in countries around the world. In near Patong, transvestite performances is enjoyed at Andaman Queen Cabaret and in several of the neighboring open air bars. 

 Show Time : 3 Times Nightly,  6.00 pm. - 7.30 pm. - 9.00 pm. 
  • Locate at Patong Beach.
  • Gate Open : Approx. 30 minutes before show start.
  • Phuket Simon Cabaret Show Ticket ( 18.00 PM. - 19.30 PM. - 21.00 PM.)
  • Running Time : 60 minutes
 Note: Cameras aren't allowed within the theater but after the show the forged lines up outside for photo

Coffee and Tea @ Pier
Buffet Dinner



You will be entranced by the magnificent spectacle and spellbound by the glittering